Win Rewards

With all the development and growth of the company’s success boundaries, General Dollars recognizes having satisfied its first requirement which is its clients. To achieve this, Dollar Group continuously strives for unreliable efforts to develop and keep visitor agreement along with implementing the DGCustomerFirst Survey portal at

Through this DGCustomerFirst Survey portal, the system stores data and feedback from its valued clients. This is the long-term settlement on the official strategies and plans for providing the clients with the utmost professional services at all the Dollar General stores.

On behalf of the customers providing valuable and candid feedback to the firm at the DGCustomerFirst Survey, relevant clients are eligible for the rewards. The rewards list is full of the DGCustomerFirst Coupons, $100 Gift Card, along with the vouchers and cashback offers.

To get the rewards officially listed by the firm, individuals must meet some essential necessities of the DGCustomerFirst Survey. The winner must link a brand and return an affirmation on the administration and approval of the acknowledgment of the risks and exposures.

In addition, Dollar General clients taking the DGCustomerFirst Survey must give recognizable feedback along with the most recent proof within 10 days of the purchase from the relevant store. All charges are the sole obligation of the winning individual along with the prizes.

As of now, customers have the possibility to join the DGCustomerFirst Survey and win a $ 100 Blessing Bonus just by sharing the genuine experience in terms of recognition of the purchase and the appreciation for excellence, openness, and the relevant cost.

Answer the survey questions based on the previous shopping experience. After completing the entire online survey, relevant customers can quickly increase its ease of use to withdraw the prize from the cyclical contests. As individuals progress through the Survey questionnaires times, there are two ways to take the online survey.