Dollar General – Guidelines in & Redeem Sweepstakes Prizes

When you see your run out coffee, you will remember with Dollar General Store. At that time, you need to get your new coffee and go shopping in Dollar General. You will get the best quality of coffee with its inexpensive price. Then, you must visit to join in Dgcustomerfirst and get your great sweepstakes.

About Dollar General

In no doubt, this big retail store has been serving all the society’s need in more than 10 decades since 1955. As you know, Dollar General is the biggest American retails store that has been expanding in more than 40 regions in the USA. Indeed, there are more than a thousand branches of Dollar General.

Dollar General

Dollar General

James Lurther and his son built Dollar General Company in 1955 in Springfield, United States. At that time, Lurther tried to apply his business strategy which offered the low price with a high product’s quality. In a surprise, this business strategy led Lurther and his son became the most successful businessman in the United States

What does Dollar General Sell?

Since its first performance, Dollar General sold some of the household appliances. All the products are available in a complete range of prices with a various brand. The list of Dollar General products is:

  • Food and beverages
  • Cake, bread, and snack
  • Beauty and health assistance
  • Cleaning goods
  • Family clothes
  • Housewares, and the others various item.

How can I Pick my Purchases from Dollar General?

To increase the customers’ satisfaction, Dollar General comes in two kinds of purchasing. The customers can choose and buy their purchases in an easy way related to their condition. The kinds of purchasing in Dollar General are:

  • Firstly (1): In-Store

The first kind of purchasing is about in-store. In this kind of purchasing, you may visit Dollar General store near your position. Then, you will find the comfortable, clean, and large place for shopping. With a high-security system, you will feel safe and comfortable in shopping.

To find out the nearest location of Dollar General, you may use the feature Dollar General Near Me via and click the menu “Find A Store”. Then, its smart search engine will lead you to the nearest Dollar General market location.

  • Secondly (2): Online store

The next kind of purchasing, you may shop via an online store. In this occasion, you may use Dollar General Application which available in Google Play Store. Perhaps, this application will help you when you don’t have much time to visit Dollar General store.

Via this application, you need to move your fingers and click your preferred items. Then, you must leave your personal information to make DG’s workers easy to send your orders.

About Dollar General Customer First Survey

Some market managements try to see the customers’ satisfaction to decide their market goals achieve or not. Dollar General provides the satisfaction survey. Dgcustomerfirst is the example of online satisfaction survey from Dollar General Store. If the customers want to join in this online survey, they can visit and finish all the instructions there.

Dgcustomerfirst Survey is such as the easy online survey portal which offers the following statements related to Dollar General’s performance. In this site, the customers can give their feedback, critics, or suggestions through Dollar General Products and price, or Dollar General employees’ manner. Not more than ten minutes of a survey, the customers may get a chance to win the great sweepstake from Dollar General Customer First Survey.

The rules to join in Dollar General Customer First Survey

Most online portals have established their own rules to decide the best winner. Besides, deciding some rules can create the valid and responsible survey. Then, Dgcustomerfirst com is such as its online survey portal, it has decided some rules to all its survey participants. The rules to join in Dgcustomerfirst com survey are:

  • The first (1): The age

The survey participants in Dgcustomerfirst com login should be at least 18 years old customers. If you are under 18 years old customer, you may ask your parent or your older siblings to join in this satisfaction survey.

  • The second (2): The domicile

Then, to join in survey, you may be the resident of United States. In a fortune, Dollar General market locations are available in more than 44 regions in the USA. Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Washington, and Wyoming are the exception.

  • The third (3): The status

After that, the qualified survey participant is not being a member of Dollar General’s employees and even its family. In this case, you need to make sure yourself that you are not a part of Dollar General management. If you are the part of it, it is better to give the chance to the others.

  • The fourth (4): The invitation number

The last, the invitation number is important as a key to open Dg customer In this case, you must make sure that your invitation number is still available. Hence, it will available in some limited-time of surveying.

You have to make sure that you are qualified for this survey, so you can start your online survey.

The requirements to join in Dgcustomerfirst

Then, this store provides the great rewards as the high appreciation to all its loyal customers. So that, you have to receive all the requirements and get it all. At least, these requirements will help you to run Dollar General Customer First Survey well. The requirements to join in Dg customer first are:

  • At the start: You need to prepare a computer, tablet, laptop or smartphone. In this occasion, you must make sure that your engines have a complete internet browser.
  • The next: is the online survey portal. So, you must make sure that you have a strong and stable internet connection.
  • Third: You have visited Dollar General Store and kept the receipt well. Surely, this survey will need some information on the receipt such as Dollar General Survey Code, store numbers, and so on.
  • At fourth: You have a language skill in English or Spanish. In this site, you must choose between English or Spanish as the language instruction.
  • And for the last: You need to create your free time is not more than ten minutes. Here, you will follow some limited-time instruction in Dgcustomerfirst.
Can I Take both of online and offline Dollar General Survey?

Dollar General Management provides both of online and offline survey. If you cannot access the survey via online, you can access the survey manually via mail. Surprisingly, DG’s management offers two sides of this survey openly. You may choose the best one related to your condition. Overall, both of online and offline Dollar General Survey have the same rules. Here, some ways to join in both of online or offline Dgcustomerfirst survey, those are:

  • The first way (1): Offline survey

Interestingly, you may join an offline survey to give the feedback for Dollar General. In this occasion, you may write your personal data and send your mail to P.O. Box 690, Georgetown, CT 06829-0690, USA.  To send the offline survey, you may write your feedback in 4-inch x 5 inches of post-card. Remember, you must leave the detailed information about your house and phone numbers.

Indeed, by participating in the offline survey, you have the same opportunity to get the sweepstakes. If you are the winner in this survey, DG’s management will send your reward to your house fast.

  • The second way (2): Online survey

As usual, you can join Dollar General Satisfaction Survey via dgcustomerfirst. In this occasion, you need to visit Dollar General main website in and answer all the questionnaires there. Importantly, you have to make sure that you have a stable internet connection.

The Guidelines to join in Dgcustomerfirst

Well, you come to the important part of this article. This part will explain the guidelines to join in Dgcustomerfirst. The guidelines to join in are:

  • At first (1): visit the website

In the first guideline, you need to visit the website address of the survey. In this case, you need to write in your internet search engine. Then, you will face two boxes of language choice between English and Spanish. At that time, you need to choose your preferred language.

  • The second (2): enter your store number

In the next section, you may send the store numbers including your date and hours of visit. In this crucial section, you may make sure that you enter the correct numbers. All its information is available on your receipt.

  • The third (3): input the invitation code

After that, you continue with entering the invitation code to start the survey in Dgcustomerfirst. At least, there is more than ten digits number that you must enter as well as possible.

  • The fourth (4): rate the statements

Then, in this section, you will find some like-scale statements. In this occasion, you need to rate the following statements in a range one to five. That numbers show the customers’ satisfaction. The range starts from a highly satisfied until a high dissatisfied.

  • The fifth (5): answer the question

Great, you arrived at the exciting step in Dgcustomerfirst. After completing the like-scale statements, you may explore your answer descriptively. In this section, Dollar General Satisfaction Survey will offer you a free space to give your complaints or suggestion related to Dollar General’s performance.

  • The sixth (6): Send and leave the personal information

You have finished all the steps in Dollar General Customer First Survey. In this section, you need to leave your personal information such as your full name, address, email, and phone numbers. Then, you may send your feedback by clicking on the box “Submit” in Dgcustomerfirst.

  • The last (7): Write the sweepstakes code

Perhaps, this section is the most exciting section for all the survey participants. When the sweepstakes code appears on the computer’s screen, it will be a sign that you are the winner. In that glorious time, you need to write it down on the blank space in your receipt.

In the last section of the online survey, you need to be patient and wait for the information from Dollar General Management. Perhaps, DG’s management will inform you via email or phone. If DG’s management contacts you, it means that you are the winner in this survey. Then, you may redeem your Dollar General Digital Coupon with a grand prize $1000 cash. To redeem this digital coupon, you may visit Dollar General store and show it to the cashier.

The steps to redeem the sweepstakes from Dgcustomerfirst

Congratulation guys! As a winner, you have a chance to get $1000 cash. Before enjoying your prize, you need to follow some steps to redeem the sweepstake. The steps to redeem the sweepstake from Dgcustomerfirst are:

  • The first step is about the time of redeeming. You have to be careful with the availability of redeeming. For all the reward, it has the limited-time of redeeming. Sometimes, it will nit more than 30 days of surveying.
  • The second step is the owner of the sweepstakes coupon. When you get the sweepstakes coupon, you cannot give the coupon to another one. Its coupon is available for one visit per one winner or customer.
  • The third step is about the status of the sweepstakes coupon. In this case, you have one chance to get a grand prize reward. In the other word, you just have one chance to redeem your sweepstake code. To avoid the dishonesty, you must give it back to the cashier and get your $1000 cash.

You have followed all the steps to redeem the sweepstake code. Now, you can enjoy your $1000 and make sure that you use it as well as possible. This article recommends you use the reward by shopping in Dollar General Store. Then, you may get your survey invitation code and participate in Dgcustomerfirst again.

Dollar General Customer Service

For further information about Dollar General Company or Dollar General Customer First Survey, you may contact some information base below. Here the following information is:

  • Dollar General Address: 100 Mission Ridge Goodlettsville. It is in Tennessee, 37072, United States.
  • Dollar General Customer Service Number: 615 855 4000
  • Dollar General main website:

Alright,  you have read all the explanation about Dollar General. Now, you need to check your home and find out the things that you must buy. You have to remember that Dollar General is the best choice to fill in your household necessities. Then, by shopping in Dollar General Store, you will decrease the money you spend. This store offers the low price with a high quality of products. It’s believable!

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