About Dollar General

Dollar General Corporation is a chain of supermarket businesses established in the year 1939 in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. The firm product carries clothing, cleaning supplies, ornaments, health and beauty products, pet supplies, toys, seasonal items, and groceries for which they require customers’ opinion at DGCustomerFirst.com Survey.

The network was established in the year 1939 with the goal of serving others according to the feed received at the DGCustomerFirst Survey. Today, approximately 80 years later, and including more than 14,000 stores in 44 states, the corporation still strives to assist others, inclusive of its clients, workers, and local alliances.

Dollar General strives to give class products at affordable rates to its clients and to make the shopping experience as simple and hassle-free as feasible as possible along with taking the feedback at DGCustomerFirst Survey. Dollar General offers all commercial brands, as well as some private labels in all sections.

The idea is to correctly organize each store with all the commodities that individuals want and require and to make it as convenient and easy as conceivable for clients to look and do the shopping. The Dollar General chain is splendid to call itself the most successful America’s Neighborhood General Store.

Every Dollar General store has a number of products at exceptional prices every day. In order to constantly improve the product reach and meet the expectations and requirements of its clients. Dollar General management relies profoundly on client feedback.

Taking the survey at www.dgcustomerfirst.com is one of the means that the sales network relies the most utmost on client feedback. So you’re enthusiastic to motivate anyone who’s amenable to give a few minutes of their time proffering the organization the feedback they want to enhance the customer experience.

Customers can enter the DGCustomerFirst Survey contest to win as certainly, the DGCustomerFirst Survey aims to know the customer’s judgment about the firm and its services.

Nevertheless, the selection procedure is done by the administrator who decides ten competitors during a registration period. Clients can access this DGCustomerFirst Survey contest by utilizing the DGCustomerFirst code.