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Dgcustomerfirst – Use Your Dollar General Coupon to Get $1000 Cash

Being a housewife means that you have an adorable job. Housewife duty examples are Taking care of the children, manage the house necessities, and solve all house problems. Nowadays, you should not worry. Fortunately, Dollar General comes and be ready to help the housewife’s duties through all its products. Have you bought your household necessities there? Don’t forget to leave your feedback on Dgcustomerfirst and use your Dollar General Coupon to get $1000 cash.

Brief Explanation of Dollar General

Dollar General is the biggest American retail of household necessities. The central office of this store is in Scottsville, Kentucky, USA.  Nowadays, Dollar General’s customers can find Dollar General market stores in all the region in the United States. As a result, there are more than 130000 Dollar General’s branches.



Dollar General History

In 1955, James Luther and his son opened Dollar General first store in Springfield, United States. At that time, Luther has a simple concept of its store. He tried to offer the best product at a low price. Indeed, all the products in his store were not more than one dollar. Some people were unsure of his market strategy. But, Luther believed and was sure with his strategy. Finally, he got the best result in 1957 where Dollar General created the profit at more than $5 million. Moreover, this store had more than 25 branches in the United States.

What does Dollar General sell?

Dollar General has been standing for its suitability, products quality, and its low prices. Indeed, this best American store was well-known as the successful example of the best and trusted market. Also, this store has been providing the best service and shopping experiences. In all Dollar General’s stores, they kept this culture and mission.

Since its journey in 1955, Dollar General is faithful to offer the home appliances, housewares, family apparels, beauty and health aid, food and snacks, and so on. Then, this store is brave enough to guarantee that its store is the cheapest store with the best products quality in the United States. Interestingly, Dollar General comes with both of in-store and online store. Admittedly, this ease helps the customers to offer their home necessities during their busy times.

Dollar General’s mission

Being the best household market is the primary mission of Dollar General Store. By hope that the mission is successful, Dollar General tries to serve the best one to all its customers. The high customer’s satisfaction becomes the main purpose of its store. When the customers feel satisfied with Dollar General’s service and its best products, they will increase their willingness with this store. The high willingness of the customers even gives the best impacts on the sustainability of this store.

What is dgcustomerfirst?

Important to realize, the customers are such as a king which the market management should serve them as well as possible. Even, the high satisfaction of the customers becomes the sign how successful the market result is. As a result, some market managements create the guest satisfaction survey to know and understand its customer’s satisfaction.

So that, Dgcustomerfirst is the example of the guest satisfaction survey. This survey portal is the main office of Dollar General Store. To know the customer’s satisfaction, dgcustomerfirst offer the space to its customers to join in giving the feedback. In this site, the customers can rate their satisfaction through Dollar General’s performance. As an assessment overview, this site provides two kinds of a questionnaire. Those kinds are closed-ended questionnaires and closed-ended questionnaires.

Dgcustomerfirst is the online survey site which the customers can access in Interestingly, the survey participants only need to offer in five until ten minutes of their times. In this case, the survey participants should not prepare several difficult requisites or rules. Fortunately, this online survey is easy enough to access.

The requisites to Join in Dgcustomerfirst

These requisites are important to help the survey participants join the survey easily. The requisites in Dgcustomerfirst are:

  • The first:

The first requisite is the engine. To join in Dgcustomerfirst, the survey takers should prepare their PC, Laptop, Tablet, or mobile phone. No matter they can use all these engines, but it is better to use a computer to the instruction’s clearness. Then, to join in Dollar General Survey, the participant should make sure that they have the stable internet connection.

  • The second:

In this case, the invitation survey code becomes the key to open the whole space in Dgcustomerfirst. To get the survey invitation code, the survey participant can visit Dollar General store. They may look for the store in Dollar General Near Me menu to get the nearest store from their domiciles.

Perhaps, the survey participants can use their Dg Digital Coupon to buy their household necessities. After that, they will get the receipt which offers the survey invitation code. But, this invitation code is available in a limited time. Often, this code is available in not more than seven days of shopping.

  • The Third:

The last requisite is the survey participants’ language proficiency.  At least, the survey participants should understand English or Spanish. But, they don’t need to worry because the instruction is easy enough to understand. As a result, the survey participants should understand the basic of English or Spanish.

In that survey site, the survey participants should choose English or Spanish as their language instruction. Later, the questions and the directions will appear with their preferred language.

Well, you have known about the requisites in Dgcustomerfirst. Now, it is your time to make sure that you have prepared all of them well. After all was complete, you may check the rules to join in

The Rules to join in Dgcustomerfirst

This site is a free site to all its level of customers. In the other word, all the customers can take part in a survey to support Dollar General improvement. To give the responsible and valid feedback, the customers pay attention to some rules inside. Then, the rules to join in Dgcustomerfirst are:

  • Firstly:

To join in Dgcustomerfirst, the survey participant should be at least 18 years old. This aging standard is important to make sure that they can give the reasonable feedback based on their experiences with Dollar General Stores. Fortunately, Dollar General store gives an opportunity to its customers which under 18 years old to take part in this survey. So, what can they do?

For the under 18 years old customers, they may take part in Dgcustomerfirst and give their feedback. They can answer the questionnaires through their parents or their older siblings help. They may use their parent identity to join in

  • Secondly:

In this case, the survey participant should be a part of United States’ citizen. They have to make sure this rules by looking at their identity card. Later, the reward in Dgcustomerfirst can be redeemed from the store where the survey participants get the last receipt.

  • Thirdly:

In this case, the survey participants in Dgcustomerfirst are not the member of Dollar General’s store. The employee of Dollar General cannot use this online survey. Not only the Dollar General’s employees but also its family cannot take part in Even, the market management created this site as the assessment site from the customers to Dollar General performance. In this case, Dollar General’s employee becomes the main object in the survey. So that, the participant should give the review in a truth.

  • Fourthly:

As mentioned before, the survey invitation code appears on the last receipt of the customers’ shipping. That receipt offers the survey code with its availability inside. To join in this survey, the survey participants should visit the site before the last day of the visit. Be careful! Some the customers forgot to give the feedback because of its busy time. I have expected that the survey participants should take part in the survey after they finished their last shopping.

Have you ensured that you are capable of giving the survey? After you make sure that you are capable in the survey, you may start the survey in In the following chapter, this article will explain the rules in Dollar General Survey.

The Steps to Join in Dgcustomerfirst

To join in, the survey participant should follow some steps to make the survey activity running well. The steps to join in Dgcustomerfirst are:

  • The first step:

For the beginning of the survey, the survey participants should log on the website. This step is the starting point to meet up with the survey portal. To access the site, the survey participants need to write in their internet search engines. It may be via Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and so on. The online survey portal can search via visiting Dollar General main website at

  • The second step:

In this section, the survey participants should select the languages. There are two boxes where show the language. The upper box will show the survey using English. Then, the upper one will show the survey using Spanish.

  • The third step:

After the survey participants choose the language instruction, they may send some information. The first information is the survey invitation code. At that time, they must be careful because there are more than ten digits numbers. They may send the number carefully. The second information is about store number including the day and hours of shopping. The last information is about the types of shopping between in-store or online store. In a fortune, all the information is available on the receipt.

  • The fourth step:

As the online survey portal, Dgcustomerfirst provides the space which its customers can rate their satisfaction with the performance. In this section, this site will show some statements related to Dollar General’s performance. Instance, there are 5 points of statements starts with satisfied in strong until dissatisfied in strong. For example, the statement is such as “The employees are  friendly to answer the questions or show the direction.” Then they may rate this statement based on their performance.

  • The fifth step:

The next section will show the open-ended questionnaires. For example, the question is like “Do you find a problem in your last shopping?”. When the survey takers face this question, they may explore their answer on the box available there. In this section, they may give the detailed information about the problems and recommendation. It is better to state in detailed and in truth including the reasonable recommendation.

  • The sixth step:

After all was complete, the survey participants can leave their personal information. Perhaps, this site will need your complete name, address, email and phone number. To the main information base for Dollar General management, it is better to give the clear and true information.

  • The seventh step:

This section is the last step in Dgcustomerfirst. At this time, the survey participants can send the feedback by clicking the “Submit” button and finish their review. But, it is better to wait for a moment. Hopefully, you are the lucky survey participant and get the reward number directly.

  • The eighth step:

As the most exciting step, the survey participants can write down their reward numbers on their last receipt. If they are lucky, the reward code will appear on the computer’s screen. At that time, they must write it down to the blank side which is available on the receipt.

  • The ninth step:

The next exciting step is exchanging the reward number. Occasionally, the survey’s winners can exchange their reward in Dollar General Store where they got their last receipt. They may show the receipt to the cashier and exchange the reward directly.

Great, you have known well about the steps to participate in Dgcustomerfirst. After this, it is your turn to get participation in and join the survey. Surprisingly, you are the part of the lucky participant. Come on!

The reward from Dgcustomerfirst

This reward in this survey is $1000 cash. This reward is such as a high appreciation from Dollar General to all its customers. Then, the management provides the other prizes such as free discount or the other great products.

The rules to exchange the reward from Dgcustomerfirst

Congratulation! You are the lucky customers that get a grand prize from Dollar General. Before you exchange your reward, you may pay attention to the rules in redeeming the reward. The rules to exchange the reward from Dgcustomerfirst are:

  • The first rule,

You can visit Dollar General Store where he/she got the last receipt. At that time, you can show the receipt which offers the reward code. Then, the cashier maybe will ask about your identity card to make sure that you are the real winner.

  • The second rule,

Afterwards, you may redeem the reward only at one time of the next visit. You cannot redeem the reward in two or three times of visit. At that time, the cashier maybe will ask the receipt and tear as the sign that the reward has redeemed.

  • The third rule,

The next rule is about the time of redeeming. In this case, you must redeem the reward number based on the time instruction in the receipt. Often, the time of redeeming is not more than 30 days after surveying.

  • The fourth rule,

The last rule is about the status of the reward number. Instance, the reward number belongs to the real survey participant. In the other word, you cannot transfer your reward number to another survey participants.

The rules for redeeming the reward from Dgcustomerfirst are easy enough. After reading this explanation, you may redeem your reward in Dollar General Store near you.

Dollar General Career

DG career offers both of full-time position and part-time position. The job seekers may choose the suitable position where the management can manage the work time based on the workers’ schedule. DG career is available for the job seekers who have positive manner, good communication and listening skill, teamwork attitude, and capable of working in high-speed movement. DG Career is available in some positions such as Cashier, Shift Leader, Store Merchandiser, Assistant Manager, and so on.

How do I Apply for Dollar General?

When you are interested in applying for Dollar General, you may follow some steps to get the suitable position. Dollar General has some positions which offer both of part-time and full-time job. Even, there are some job positions inside. The steps to apply for Dollar General are:

  • The first step:

At the first time, you must visit Dollar General main website in then click on Dollar General Careers homepage at In this site, you will find the available job positions at Dollar General.

  • The second step:

Then, you may create your account in This section will give you a space to stay connect with Dollar General’ HRD. To make an account, you must give your detailed information including your email address.

  • The third step:

After your account was ready, you may choose the job position lists. The lists are available in

  • The fourth step:

Via Dollar General Official Job Application, you may even send your resume.  As a result, you may send your resume and application. Here, you may upload it from your computer’s file, Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive.

The Steps to Find “Dollar General Near Me”

Dollar General Market Location spreads largely in more than 44 regions in the United States. So far, some customers can find Dollar General location via some sites. When you travel outside of your hometown, you don’t need to worry because you can find the nearest Dollar General store. The steps to find “Dollar General Near Me” are:

  • The first:

The first step to finding out the nearest location of Dollar General store is by visiting Google Map. Via this application or website, you may write Dollar General in the search engine and find out the nearest location.

  • The second

Then, the second kinds are easy enough. To find out the nearest Dollar General Market Location, you may visit and choose the Store Locator by clicking “Find A Store” on the upside of the web. Later, the site will lead you to the home page of DG Location in

Dollar General Customer Service
  • Dollar General Customer Service Number :

If you want to contact the customer service orally, you may phone at (615) 855-4000. The customer’s service will be available at Dollar General Office hours. It starts at Munday up to Friday at 08.00 AM until 17.00 PM.

  • Dollar general Mailing Address:

Then you may send your complaints, questions, or feedback via mail. In this occasion, you may write a letter in a postcard with 4 x 5 inch. In that letter, you need to put your detailed information. The information shows your complete name, address, and phone numbers. In the last, you may send your letter to 100 Mission Ridge Goodlettsville, Tennessee, United States – 37072.

  • Dollar General Website:

You may visit for the detail information about Dollar General. In this site, you will find the information about Products, Prices, and so on. Indeed, you can find the information about DG’s job opportunity. Later, you can send your job application and resume via this site.

  • Dollar General Email Address:

You may visit the DG main website and leave your command including your personal information. Automatically, this site will send your email.

Well, you have read the following information about Dollar General. After this, you may visit Dollar General Store and leave your command in Dgcustomerfirst.  You may invite your friends to shop at Dollar General. And, you need to make sure that all of you join in the online survey. Remember, you will have the opportunity to get $1000 cash. You may imagine that you can do anything with its cash. For the following information about this store is available in survey.

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